Showing in the era of COVID-19

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Dear GSEC Community,

I know I can speak for the entire horse show community when I say how happy we are to be back showing again. I would like to send out some information about what you can expect while showing at this time.

Upon entering the property you will be asked to sign an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability relating to COVID-19. This must be signed by everyone entering the property, there will be no exceptions. Minors must have the signature of a guardian.

Additionally, everyone on site affirms that they do not have an elevated temperature (in excess of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit), COVID-19 symptoms and have not had contact with individuals who are known or suspected to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

*Exception: Healthcare personnel who have treated patients using appropriate medical grade PPE during the course of performing professional duties are exempted from this restriction.

Social Distancing will be required at all times. Even if you are with family or barn mates we ask that you spread out — we have no easy way of knowing who is from the same household and/or barn.

Please do not set up seating in the barn aisles or walkways and no congregating in the stabling areas. To the greatest extent possible when you are done showing please leave the property to limit the number of people on site.

No food or drinks intended be shared among groups of people is to be set up anywhere on the premises.

Only essential show personnel are allowed on the grounds: exhibitors, trainers, grooms, veterinarians, farrier, show staff are examples of essential personnel. At this time we ask that siblings, grandparents, friends, relatives etc. do not come to the show so that we have as few people on site as possible. Only one parent/guardian may accompany any minors who are showing.

We do have a few vendors on site to service our competitors but they may not invite outside people who are considered non-essential to come and shop.

Masks or face coverings are required at all times in all areas of the facility including the barns. The only exception is if you are mounted. This is not optional, please do not come to the show and argue about this rule — if you cannot/will not wear a mask please stay home until the times change — we will be happy to see you in the future. We realize that this is new so everyone will be given one warning — the second time you are seen without a mask you will be asked to leave the property for the duration of the show or possibly longer with no refunds of your show fees. We will not be as lenient as in the past.

All of us at GSEC thank you in advance for your cooperation. We need to operate at the highest possible standard so that our sport is seen as responsible by the government entities that dictate whether or not we can continue to have horse shows.

Of course if you have questions please feel free to contact me.

Amy Uniss-Coleman
General Manager
Great Southwest Equestrian Center

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